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new product: 2inch IR Speed Domer Camera 2MP

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2MP 2 inch IR  Speed Dome Camera
Product features:
> use the 2 inch dome cover, mini compact appearance
> dome cover built-in 2 pcs  IR LEDs
> 2.8- 8 mm electric optical zoom lens
> 15 mm stepper motor and precision gear box
> aluminum alloy shell, IP66 protection grade
> 350┬░Horizontal rotation, Vertical range:0~90┬░ (mechanical Flip)
> Horizontal speed: 80┬░/sec, 255 presets
> products pixels: 1080 p;720 p;960 H (optional)
> built-in standard imaging module installation (32 * 32 mm)
> imaging module can be arbitrary choice (IP, AHD; TVI, CVI, SDI; simulation)
> product features can be customized





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